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Edge Analytics

We are working on several problems related to Edge Analytic Services, designing novel architectures, proposing algorithms to optimize their performance, and building working prototypes.

Mobile Data Caching

We propose new caching architectures and caching business models, and design algorithms for increasing the user-perceived performance and reducing content delivery expenditures; special emphasis is given on Video streaming and AR/VR services.

Internet of Things

We study new IoT architectures and services, focusing on energy efficiency and QoS criteria such as performance and delay. We develop working prototypes and use the Pervasive Nation testbed to evaluate our algorithms.

Sharing Economy &

Social Networks

We study real-world sharing economy solutions, analyze data using ML and network science tools, build mathematical models to optimize the benefits of cooperative networks, and test them in diverse use cases. 

Cellular Systems

We work on a diverse set of problems related to 5G/6G systems, from next-generation RAN systems and multiRAT architectures, to network economics and game-theoretic analyses.

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