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I completed my PhD at University of Thessaly, Greece, under the supervision of Iordanis Koutsopoulos. I then worked as a Post-doctoral researcher with Leandros Tassiulas for 4 years at CERTH and Yale University, where I was also co-supervised by Nicholas Christakis. I continued as an Assist. Prof with Trinity College Dublin for 4 exciting years, where I collaborated with Douglas J. Leith until 2020. During 5/2021-5/2024 I was splitting my time between TU Delft and Amazon (Visiting Academic), working with the team of G. Paschos.

More details about my recent and past activities:


Professional Experience

Research Scientist

Amazon, 5/2021 - 5/2024

Assistant Professor

Trinity College Dublin, 9/2016 - 10/2020 

& TU Delft, 11/2021 - 2/2023

Associate Research Scientist

Yale University, 6/2016 - 5/2017 

Post Doc Researcher

Yale University, 10/2014 - 5/2016

UTH, AUTH, CERTH/ITI, 2012 - 2015

Avionics Engineer

Greek Air Force, 2001-2012



2014-2016, Yale University

Post-doc in Cooperative Systems


2012-2014, CERTH/ITI

Post-doc in Communication Networks

2007-2012, University of Thessaly

Ph.D in Communication Networks & Economics

2004-2007, University of Thessaly

M.Sc. in Communication Networks

1996-2000, Greek Air Force Academy

Diploma in Electronics & Telecommunications Eng.

Research Interests Keywords

Network Virtualization
Mobile data analytics
Mobile Edge Computing
Data Caching
Cellular Network Architectures
IoT Networks 
Sharing economy platforms
Transportation Networks

Team Members

N. Mhaisen, PhD Student.  

M. KalntisPhD Student.  

S. Appleby PhD Student, TCD (co-supervised).

F. AslanPhD Student.

M. LiPhD Student.

M. Bataillou Almagro, PhD Student (with Amazon)

Orhan Yavascan, PhD Student

Previous Members

D. Tsigkari, Post-Doc, Now with Telefonica, Barcelona

J. Kwak, Post-Doc, Now Associate Prof. with DGIST, S. Korea

V. Valls, Post-Doc, Now with IBM Ireland, Dublin.

P. Basaras, Post-Doc, Now with ICCS, Greece,

J. Romero, Post-Doc, Now with NEC Europe, Madrid.

J. B. Monteil, PhD, Now with Paris-Saclay University, Paris.

A. Galanopoulos, PhD, Now with Genesys, Dublin.

F. Wisnu, Research Assistant, Now at Un. of Oulu, Finland.

I. Khalid, Research Assistant, Now at Un. of Ghent, Belgium

E. Nikoli, Research Assistant, Now with Trinity College Dublin

B. Chen, Research Assistant, Now with Trinity College Dublin


PhD advisor: Iordanis Koutsopoulos (AUEB)

Post-doc advisor: Leandros Tassiulas (Yale) and N. A. Christakis (Yale).


Editorial Boards, IEEE Transactions on Communications (2018 - 2022 ); IEEE/ACM Trans. on Networking (Oct. 2019); IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering (February 2021 - 2023).

Guest Editor, IEEE JSAC, SI on Caching, December 2017. 

TPC Co-Chair, ACM CoNEXT, Student Workshop, 2014; IEEE/WiOPT Workshop on Edge Computing, 2018; IEEE PIMRC Special Session on Mobile Analytics; IEEE WiOpt/CCDWN Workshop 2020.

Publicity Chair, IEEE INFOCOM Workshop on Green Networking, 2016

TPC Member: IEEE INFOCOM 2018-22; IEEE WCNC, IEEE Globecom, IEEE ICNP, IEEE ICC 2016-2017, IEEE WiOpt, and others.


PhD Committee: F. Paisana (TCD, Ireland), S. Feghhi (TCD, Ireland), F. Slyne (TCD, Ireland), P. Basaras (UTH, Greece); J. Krolikowski (Telecom Paris); Z. Mao (NTNU, Norway); J. van de Belt (TCD, Ireland), D. Tsigkari (Eurecom), and others.

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